Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO): Our Grandchildren Will Be Bailing Out Blue States With The COVID Bill

February 24th, 2021 | Jimmy Failla | Fox Across America

Ken Buck speaks with Jimmy Failla on Fox Across America

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ken Buck discussed why blue states seem to be getting more money from the COVID bill than red states, and why Dr. Anthony Fauci failed in his mission to come up with a plan for Americans to deal with the pandemic.

“I think that our grandchildren are being asked to bail out blue states because we don’t have money and it’s not red states. But you look at a state like Florida and God bless Ron Desantis. He has just done a tremendous job in Florida of opening the state up in a responsible way, getting kids back to school in a responsible way, really setting the gold standard in this country for how to rationally deal with this pandemic. And Florida will get completely left out of this because they don’t have high unemployment. They have low unemployment as a result of really responsible leadership, and they will be punished. States like New York and California will be rewarded because one, Schumer from New York, Pelosi is from California. But two, the the metrics that they use to divide this money up is based on how irresponsible you have been and in handling your economy.” [55.2]

“I don’t think Dr. Fauci has done a great job of instilling confidence in Americans or using the available science out there to make sure that Americans are safe and our economy. And I say that because just think about the suicide rates and the social diseases that we are now dealing with as a result of shutting down and isolating people. And if you look at the medical and mental health status of this country right now, it is completely at risk in ways that it wasn’t before. And so to say this is the way to deal with the pandemic is fine. To say this is the best we can do for America, here’s a plan for America, is really what Dr. Fauci should have been doing. And I think he failed.”