Conservatives back Rep. Ken Buck for top GOP antitrust role

Axios | Ashley Gold | December 29, 2020 In a key sign conservatives are gunning for a Big Tech antitrust battle in the upcoming Biden administration, a number of prominent conservative groups are backing Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) to be the next ranking Republican on the House’s antitrust panel, according to a letter shared with […]

Key GOP lawmaker lays out ‘non-starters’ for Big Tech antitrust reform

By Lauren Feiner | CNBC | October 6th, 2020 A key GOP lawmaker who has been an ally to Democrats on the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee plans to release his own report laying out “common ground” and “non-starters” for antitrust reform in technology, according to a draft copy of the report obtained by CNBC. The […]

Rep. Buck on Big Tech Investigations and Conservative Bias

Bloomberg Politics | October 1, 2020 Oct.01 — Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado and ranking member on the House Antitrust Subcommittee, says that the next phase of the committee’s investigations into big tech companies will likely focus on legislation, but that any new laws will likely be shaped by who controls the White […]

Ken Buck on the Erick Erickson Show

Today on the show Trump shakes up his campaign, the grift of Texas turning blue is out there again, Biden’s negative are going up in some polling, Ken Blackwell calls into the program as well as Ken Buck plus the uncertainty of school openings. Erick Erickson is the Editor of The Resurgent and hosts the […]

Republican congressman dares Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke to ‘come and take’ his AR-15

By Kelly Mena | CNN | March 6th, 2020 Washington, DC (CNN) – Days after former Vice President and current Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said he would partner with former US Rep. Beto O’Rourke to help combat gun violence, Republican congressman Ken Buck dared the duo to come “take” the semi-automatic rifle he keeps on his office wall.In […]