Colorado Springs Gazette: Ken Buck deserves a landslide victory

As Colorado symbolizes a nationwide spike in violent crime, voting for tough-on-crime pro-cop representation has never been more important. That’s among a variety of reasons voters in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District should give Rep. Ken Buck a landslide victory in the June 28 primary.

Buck took his congressional office in 2015 after voters had elected him to three consecutive terms as the Weld County District attorney. If anyone in Congress understands crime and punishment, it’s House Judiciary member Ken Buck.

Before becoming a DA, Buck worked as a prosecutor with the U.S. Justice Department and as chief of the Criminal Division in the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s Office. During Buck’s tenure as DA, crime dropped by 50% in Weld County — a result surpassing the progress in nearly every other judicial district in the country.

This spring, Buck sent a letter signed by 15 of his colleagues urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to develop a national strategy to combat organized crime. He consistently earns his reputation as a thorn in the side of politicians who care more about predators than victims.

“One of the essential functions of our government is to provide security to all citizens. Yet despite the continued increase in retail crime, the DOJ has turned a blind eye and refused to act. I urge Attorney General Garland to develop a strategy to reduce retail crime, maintain the rule of law, and protect our civil liberties,” Buck wrote.

Buck sponsored House Resolution 4760 to categorize attacks on law enforcement officers as hate crimes. He spoke out about the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, alerting the public to her failures in the past to properly sentence convicts for crimes against children.

Though he’s known as a crime fighter, Buck sees the potential in young and low-level offenders who can and should become productive members of society. As district attorney, he founded Weld County’s Juvenile Assessment Center and helped more than 2,000 children to succeed after starting off badly.

Buck has fearlessly fought the radical left on its anti-cop agenda, its crusade to turn children against the United States and its fundamental values, the open border, the extreme pro-abortion agenda of the Biden administration, and President Joe Biden’s inflationary anti-energy policies.

Buck has a proven track record of fighting for Colorado’s best interests, including retaining Colorado Springs as the permanent home of Space Command.

Unlike too many silver spoon politicians in Washington, Buck understands the challenges facing working-class Coloradans struggling to survive Biden’s high-inflation economy of scarcity.

Before becoming a lawyer and congressman, Buck worked his way through high school, college, and law school as a janitor, truck driver, ranch hand and furniture mover. He learned the value of hard work by watching his grandfather start a shoe repair business from scratch.

Buck’s challenger, real estate agent Robert Lewis, brings no inspiring message and seems to mirror Buck on substantive issues. His only stated gripe against Buck involves a belief the congressman is not sufficiently committed to relitigating the 2020 election. Rep. Buck has serious business to conduct and goals to achieve, and he sees no value in futile efforts to overturn or condemn an election two years in the past.

Ken Buck has lived a genuine Colorado life and delivered like few others as a public servant. The 4th Congressional District and Colorado are fortunate to have him. Voters should send him to the general election with a primary landslide.